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Your guest posting article must be related to legal matters. The following guidelines must be followed in order for your submitted legal news/blogs to be published on MyAdvo website and/or its distribution medium. Articles must be well-written, and tailored for the needs of the Freelegalaid community. We do not want junk articles by so-called SEO experts. You may include a link or two in your article, but the article itself must have something of value for our users.

These posts are focused on tips that help lawyers achieve quick wins, and help people master specific tactics and technologies in the running of their practices. These are often “lists”, or “how-tos”, or “10 Ideas for….”, or “5 Steps to….”. Once accepted and also submitted to us, you have no right to host the short article on any other online platform. You will have readers some of which can be lawyers who are finding your niche useful and effective for them. This will help to generate a lot of fan-following in your community. You will surely get way too much popular with these blogs.


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Bestuslawyers.org is the growing lawyers and legal directory that allow to lawyers and legal firms to create their profile on Bestuslawyers.org. We also help lawyers to improve the online presence and generate the more leads for their law firms. You can also find the best lawyer near you on Best US Lawyers directory. In the author bio, you are permitted to include one link to a brand name. You may make the content more natural by including some links to external resources with a high authority score. You need to add two or three photographs that are entirely connected to the guest post content in order to make your piece come across as more natural and properly handled.

We ask that you provide enough useful information to help more than just the user who asked the question. Answer in such a way that others who use Freelegalaid can also learn from your answer. Guest posting is not only help to drive the traffic but also help to get the quality link that boost your website ranking. Most of legal blogger do guest blogging to get the back link only, but it has many benefits. If we found your content duplicate in first attempt then you will never get the opportunity to submit the guest post on our blog.

Our blog has a broad audience and our readership is steadily increasing. Authors are expected to keep abreast of the legal field and of changes in the subject area. The author should contact the CL editor during the editorial process if new laws or cases impact an article.

There can be images place between the article related to legal stuffs. The writer should come up with new and innovative ideas and tips relating to law. We are a platform designed to look into society and subcultures in general. We strive to write about subjects that will help people connect with others and give them a deeper understanding of different societies and cultures worldwide. If at all possible, connect to your profile from a guest post.

Please write useful information that is going to be helpful for those seeking legal assistance, legal information and free resources. Freelegalaid has launched the “Question/Answer” feature of the site. We offer a forum for users to ask legal questions that only attorneys can answer. By signing up as an attorney, you can access the “questions” section and choose which questions to answer. Include a link to your site, or to an article you have written about the subject.