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Your article must be 100% original and of high quality. We do not accept articles that has been published somewhere online . At Rosery Poetry, we are committed to providing our customers with essential jewelry pieces, without breaking the bank.

Awesome, we accept guest posting anyone as far as the person is an expert in jewelry related topics. If you do opt to wear one or more sentimental jewellery pieces all or most of the time, then consider how you can layer those pieces with other jewellery to add interest and variety to your style. You can make changes to your look simply by wearing a variety of small stud earrings day to day. Or you can add some sparkle and movement with some dangle earrings, depending on your outfit. We’re looking for beauty & fashion experts, SEO agencies, brands, and bloggers who can provide high-quality, unique content.

Style Precious jewelry designed for her ladyship, without breaking the bank. Simone’s jewellery never ceases to amaze me – I love her originality and thoughtfulness. You wouldn’t neglect cleaning your clothes, so you shouldn’t neglect cleaning jewellery which is just as ‘up close and personal’. If it’s a necklace you might look into getting a longer chain or an adjustable chain so that it can hang beneath clothing if it’s not a match for the rest of your outfit.

Get inspired with our Jewelry and Lifestyle copywriting examples and inspirations. We are Camille Wordsworth, Jessica, and Jisub, three office workers in finance and business located separately in France and the United States. Apart from work, we take common interests in technology, jewelry, literature, and philosophy. Don’t send articles with grammar mistakes, logical flaws, etc. ZeroKaata For Women is an initiative dedicated to celebrating each and every woman who has done remarkable work to make the world a better place. It features exclusive blogs curated by our content team around different women, institutions and organizations that have empowered women across the globe.

We do not accept promotional articles as guest posts. If your article is promotional, we will have to treat it as a sponsored post which you will be charge for before it get published on our site. The minimum word count of articles we accept on our site for guest posts is 800 words, but there is no maximum. Before you write for us and submit a guest post, look atour recent articlesfor insight into structuring and formatting your piece. If you don’t have a lot of jewellery or your collection isn’t very diverse, then consider the types of jewellery pieces that will extend and add interest and depth to your wardrobe and go shopping. But if you’re wearing bold clothing, then often it’s a good idea to go with smaller, more subtle jewellery pieces as highlights.


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We do not allow duplicate content; your articles must be original and well-written. Do add a short introduction (3-4 lines) and conclusion (3-4 lines) to the article submitted. For the introduction, you can begin with a question, quote, or fact related to the topic. End the report with a summary and key takeaway points. The author must include necessary images, graphs, plots, screenshots related to the article. ​The images or graphs you attach must not be copyright protected.

Refer to the original sites for referencing requirements. Quote Sources – If your article references data, facts, statistics, or research studies, please be sure to include a link to a verified and credible source. What is the submission processes for the outlet you plan to pitch?

Some of you may be asking, “What would I even write about?” Are you an expert in a technique? Have you developed a unique or clever way to streamline or troubleshoot a process? Have you maintained a successful business for many years by adapting to changing markets?