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Feel free to plug your social media, website, or blog in here as well (note that links will be no-follow unless you are forgoing your writer’s fee). You can also work this into your intro & conclusion sections. We are committed to helping writers preserve their own voice, but articles for the CYC should fit in with the tone and vision of our site and what our audience looks for. We write articles for professional writers and brands looking to improve their writing, so try not to pitch us anything focused on freelancing or cheap content marketing strategies.


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If by round 2 your post isn’t where we need it to be, we unfortunately won’t be able to move forward. We try not to make you jump through hoops if we don’t intend on publishing your post, but please be aware that it does happen. If you are a business with a marketing budget who’d like us to publish an article about your brand or product, please head over to our Partnership page. But if you have a point of view and know why you’re doing what you do in service of your customers, you have enough to start with. You can expand upon what milestones you’ve crossed as you grow, improving your About Us page over time.

Is written for an audience of designers, developers, content strategists, information architects, or similar. Latest product and development trends and technologies involved with the industries we cater to, i.e. healthcare, financial services, SaaS, government, digital economy, logistics and more. Literally anyone with the skills and experience to quality pieces that resonate with us. CLASSIC INFORMATICS CULTURE We believe in simplifying lives and making everything better- both for our clients and our team members. Solving real-world problems- one digital solution at a time.

We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. Don’t forget to include a CTA or contact form on your About Us page. If your audience is going out of its way to click on your About Us page, it’s likely they’ll want to opt in to your newsletter or even a first-time buyer coupon. Why tell a story with words when you can tell it with plenty of images and compelling behind-the-scenes footage of your production process? That’s exactly what bakery Milk Bar does as soon as you land on its colorful About Us page. Allbirds’ brilliant use of elements like background videos and quippy phrases to draw in its audience’s attention already make its About Us page that much more memorable.

Ditto if you want to publish your sponsored post with your links, or go back to an old post and stuff your link in. While you don’t technically need an About Us page, it’s definitely a good idea. About Us content is a way for customers to learn about you and create a sense of trust in your brand. If they feel connected to you and your brand, they’ll be more willing to purchase your products. Every writer has to go through some quality checks “copyscape” standards to be eligible to show his/her content to the world. If you are the ine whom has already got the abilities to contribute then we welcome your content.

Use subheads, images, lists, blockquotes, and other structural devices frequently to make your story easily skimmable and engaging. Visual web development or design advice and best practices. We reserve the right to reject content that does not fit our criteria.

If you’re surprised of reading the word global attention, then you have to go through our website and it’s audience reach through any of the analytical platform available online. With that being said, we present your content better how it’s submitted to us. As such, we do not accept most pitches with a content marketing or freelancing focus.

They are not a platform for overly promoting services, offers, or companies. Please note, Our readers come for Successful stories, Tips, and Advice on how to start and run a successful startup. Seriously, you would not believe how many writers pitch me who have clearly never read this page. We would love to have expert article ideas from you around the base topics we work on (mentioned in 3. What type of content do we publish?). And after that, we would request you to share an in-depth outline of what we can expect as the end piece. If we love your pitch, we’ll be looking for a piece that follows these guidelines.

This goes along with the “show don’t tell” strategy that can make an About Us page so powerful. Use this handy exercise as a guide to help you craft a compelling brand story and build a loyal audience through the power of storytelling. As you craft your perfect About Us page, work backward. Think of the three things your target audience values most. Add imagery showcasing those values as a powerful add-on.