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These can be a great stop gap for a new business but there is nothing better than to create your own unique About Us page that is distinct to your business. Overstock has had a long history that they want to tell the world about. That is why they’ve created a clever interactive timeline that summarizes all the milestones the company has experienced in their About Us page. Overstock feels that their visitors want to consume this information and uses their About Us page for that. The CedCommerce Blog is your everyday capsule of all things eCommerce.


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When we spot 2 mistakes at an article we just stop reviewing it and we don’t publish it. Readers of the blog expect high quality, well-researched, actionable information. Please use as many examples as possible to supplement your content. Sometimes a good example does a lot more for an article than a whole paragraph. We also expect you to promote your published article through your business and personal social channels.

With their unique designs, they have managed to create a link with Brooklyn, where the company was founded, while condensing their information into visualized diagrams. Huge Inc. manages to get across all their messages through some nifty artwork. Toogl promotes their core value of remote working throughout their website and their About Us page is a great example of how you can promote your core values too. As a core value to their business, their About Us page is focused around this global team and the productivity that they bring to the company. Your customers or potential customers might be interested in seeing how you grew over the years. We tend to include a broad spectrum of topics focused on helping the audience; who are starting new ventures or improving their existing digital space.

✔️ Add a short author bio at the end of the article, with a link to your website and a headshot image of 300×300 px. We want to publish content that adds value to our readers. Only send us a pitch if you have quality information to convey. Once your blog is published on our website, we will send you a courtesy email. Then from there, we hope that you share, post, and promote your own blog as well to drive more traffic.

It is imperative to note that content is integral in virtual marketing businesses. The content will promote your business to a great trajectory. It is possible to conduct the ecommerce business via computers, smartphones, tablets, or other smart devices. In this business model, all products can be sold, such as books, plane tickets, music, financial services, among other products. We have guest post writing services starting from $350 USD per article. Please note that our illustrator will design a featured image for all guest posts so there’s no need to submit one.

You will be able to send us some ideas of articles, and we will validate all that together. Be careful, if we realize that you sent us a plagiarized article or already present on another website, we will no longer work with you. Check out our existing content / take a look around the website before sending us your article pitches, be careful not to cannibalize the content already on the media. You should ensure to add actionable takeaways for the audience.

We reserve the right to edit content and remove any promotional links before publication. The bottom line is that Chatter Buzz wants to help content marketers thrive and become the best in the industry. By writing for us, this is your opportunity to become an authoritative voice in the digital marketing field. Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company.

Business to business is also referred to as the B2B type of business. This involves the selling of goods from one business to another. Get the latest creative news from FooBar about art, design and business. Please include clear headings, subheadings, and contextual images/gifs where appropriate – along with captions for each. You can send in shorter ones only if you have a highly specific topic.

We invite Digital Marketing experts from all over the world to share their thoughts, stories and opinions with our audience. You can post articles on the e-commerce industry to our blog. Do you want to build an even stronger personal connection with your prospects? Then you might need to include some social media buttons on your About Us page.

Articles need to be well researched and your understanding of relevant topics should be evident. If you’re planning to be our guest, we’d love to host you. However, please don’t forget to read below guidelines before submission. Mix your blog writing style with copywriting, it is comprehensive and engaging to readers. However, please don’t forget to read the below guidelines before submission.