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Think of it from a storyteller’s perspective, you have to create that interest amongst the readers, eagerness to know what is there in it now, and then a sense of satisfaction at the end. While writing long posts try to define an outline before you start, take it steps wise to the main subject and then paint the picture. Think of it from a story teller’s perspective, you have to create that interest amongst the readers, eagerness to know what is there in it now, and then a sense of satisfaction at the end.

Cricket is the most popular sport in India and is among the top across the globe. And we don’t have any surprises if you are also a true cricket lover. But have you thought about what makes you different from others? Rather, you can follow your interest in the game and can earn some money as well. So, if you have a strong desire for the game and want to make it your career, then you are at the right place. You can also use the contact form provided below to reach us.

Are you passionate about cricket and have deep understanding of the game? Always wanted to become a writer or have sports journalism aspirations? We have a platform that gives you the opportunity to reach millions of readers across the globe.


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If you want to contribute a well written sports article or want to work for us, you are most welcome to use this form to contact us. Please note that not all articles are accepted and might be screened for duplicate or non-relevant content. Much as we’d like to spend all day writing about cricket, our paid jobs have to come first; therefore we’re always on the lookout for help. If you’re looking for cricket writing opportunities then please get in touch. The introductory para should be used as a lead, put out some part of the information and talk about that in detail. At the same time also take care that it is not too vague, would kill the interest otherwise.

Want to Write Your Thoughts about Cricket & its happenings on our Website? Then right down a post and submit it to us, Once after we read it, we will publish it by crediting You. Emerging Cricket retains the final right to decide what is published, and how long an article is retained on our website. Word count should generally be between 350 – 1,000 words. We understand sometimes you may need more space to express your point of view, and we will consider this if the topic warrants it.

You acknowledge that all submissions published reflect the opinions of you only at all times and not Emerging Cricket. You may not republish the article on any other websites or social media other than excerpt/s promoting and/or linking to your article. Search engines hate duplicate content and it won’t help either of us. You have to understand the Industry in which you’re going to write content. A good industry experience will provide great choice of technical words.

So, if you want to be a writer or pursue a career in sports journalism, you’ve come to the right place. Are you passionate about Sports and have a deep understanding of them? Established in 2009, Sportskeeda is a global sports content platform that covers the world’s biggest sports and esports trends to serve over 100 Million fans every month. Our passionate team comprises of top content creators from around the world, churning out thousands of well researched content pieces daily.

You don’t need any journalistic qualifications but a love of the game and the ability to write competently are prerequisites. We are also supporters of non league and women’s football and welcome specialists on those subjects. Our writers have been accredited journalists at a World Cup Final. Of course, we can’t guarantee we’ll publish everything we receive but we’re a broad church here at TFT. So if you’d like to write something for us, whether it’s a feature article or just your thoughts on recent or upcoming events, we’d love to hear from you.

It’s very important to know what’s the happening topic in the sports industry. So, writing a relevant content to audience expectation will engage them more on your content. If there’s a tweak/modification required on the content you share, then our content review team will do the appropriate changes for better of your content and our website quality. The first or introductory para should be the lead of the article.

We will only use your name and email address to contact you if we have a follow-up question or pertinent information. Please note that Cricket Schedule makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of the content and is not liable for omissions or typographical errors contained in the content. (See our disclaimer for details.) Cricketschedule.com reserves the right to reject content at its sole discretion.