Wedding Website Wording Tips: How to Write Your About Us Story

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There are some tips if you wish to find any wedding planning guest post site where you can also search manually through these following keywords. You want to write for us about wedding fashion, wedding photographer, wedding jewelry, and wedding tips. We will publish your inspiring story on our website. It is a resourceful center where you can gain more insights about planning and prepare for weddings. You can share your ideas and help couples plan their wedding. Remember that our blogs receive thousands of visitors, and you have a chance to interact with different people.


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Once we agree on the topic, will set up a draft in Google Docs​ and invite you to the shared file. Ready to fill out the rest of your wedding website sections? Check out some more wedding website wording examples on the blog. Once you’ve finished writing your About Us story, you might want to have a friend or family member read over it with fresh eyes to get their feedback.

Some wedding website builders automatically include this section in their main template, while others require you to add it as part of your customization. The readers should get lots of options to choose from when it comes to wedding venues and decorations. The articles you write must include colourful pictures. From this blog, the readers should be able to find out whatever they need to know related to organizing an event. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page​.

How did you find your perfect dress, and how on earth did you narrow down your wedding guests? Whatever your story, send us details and we’ll consider it for the blog. Once the post is published, please Like & Share it. And, please respond to any and all comments from our readers.

Rings were presented, hugs and kisses were shared, and it was an amazing experience. We recommend keeping your Our Story section to fewer than 300 words. Keep each paragraph to 3 or so sentences—your guests will likely lose interest reading anything longer than that. We generally don’t publish posts that have already appeared on other websites. Get your own personalized wedding planning dashboard to keep track of all your wedding tasks, budget expenses, and more. Keep your About Us story fun and light-hearted – it shouldn’t be uncomfortable for guests to read.

This is the best method of gaining organic traffic. We are keen to receive article submissions from avid writers, bloggers, relationship therapists, coaches, and counselors. Even those who have some experience in love, intimacy, romance, marriage or divorce can share their insights with us. If you have a photo that goes with this post, feel free to send us the photo link. Also, mention the photographer’s name in the caption. Please, please Do NOT upload photos you have no legal permissions to share!

Ensure you have read a couple of our articles and have a feel for the kind of content we publish here. Please read and follow the guidelines properly before sending us your article. We will not post any derogatory, abusive, homophobic, misogynistic, or racist opinions. Cultural sensitivity and an open mind are needed. We all have a different image in mind when we think of our ideal wedding, and that is great. With Wish N Wed experience the joy of creating your own wedding invitation.