Top 20 Blogs to Follow and Learn Cloud Computing in 2023

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This meant running such activities was limited to people with lot of investment. And there were quite a lot of loose ends that still needed mending. What was needed here was an approach that could solve all these problems.


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These roles based certifications ensure you have a well-defined path that you choose to make a career in this domain. Talking of Cloud Computing Careers, Cloud Computing is not just popular amongst businesses, but people are equally crazy and passionate about chasing cloud careers. Cloud Computing was rated as one of the most wanted hard skills in 2020. LinkedIn as we know is a popular platform where people connect professionally, it also does surveys understanding what skills are in demand and what are the employers are looking for. Serverless computing allows you to build applications faster by terminating the need for them for managing infrastructure. Using a Cloud Serverless Application, the cloud service provider automatically provisions, scales, and manages the crucial infrastructure to run the code.

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Want to share the latest tech news, apps, software, or a nice piece of code you’ve just written? As the name suggests, this deployment model gives a Hybrid approach to dealing with Cloud Deployments problems. Here the platform lets you best have capabilities of all Public, Private, and Community clouds. Here you can move relevant resources into respective deployment functioning to suit your business needs. Evening when it comes to pricing, depending on where you have put your resources, decide your optimized costs accordingly. This means the user does not have to worry about configuration and managing these services.

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You can quickly recover your data as your organisation’s assets are stored and located over a network of physical locations instead of on-site data centers. Cloud computing has turned into a mega-industry and is the revolution that is taking on digital businesses. That is why it is essential to remain in touch with various cloud-related blogs, newsletters, and other resources. Public cloud is the classic cloud-computing model, where users can access a large pool of computing power over the internet .

The major difference between ECC and RSA in terms of cryptographic strength is the size of their keys. Cloud Computing is similar to electricity boards, that supply electricity to our homes. We turn on our fans, bulbs, TV sets, Washing Machines, and all this happens at a mere click of a button. We press the buttons and electricity runs through our home appliances.

Measures to protect this data include two-factor authorization , the use of VPNs, security tokens, data encryption, and firewall services, among others. Microsoft Azure is another cloud platform that provides cloud solutions that let you test, build and deploy cloud applications or even migrate your existing applications to this cloud platform. Once moved these resources reside safely on Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform. It serves or provides services in all three models we discussed earlier that is Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service. You can instantly scale your resources up and down if your business requires any changes. Hence, cloud computing services can be scaled globally as cloud computing provides resources like computing power, storage, etc., at the allotted time and geographical location.