The Eleventh Day: The Complete Story Of 9 11 And Osama Bin Laden

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All twenty-eight pages of Part Four, entitled “Finding, Discussion and Narrative Regarding Certain Sensitive National Security Matters,” have been redacted. The pages are there but—with the uncommon exception of an occasional surviving word or fragmentary, meaningless clause—they are totally blank. While many words or paragraphs have been withheld elsewhere within the Report, the choice to censor that complete part brought on a furor in 2003. Inquiries established that, whereas withholdings were technically the responsibility of the CIA, the Agency wouldn’t have obstructed release of most of the twenty-eight pages. The order that they want to remain secret had come from President Bush himself. Be the first to receive unique offers and the latest news on our services and products immediately in your inbox.

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He would shortly acquire a state-of-the-art satellite phone. When the expertise grew to become available, his operatives would use the Internet as an everyday software. Omar noticed that his father now spent a lot time recording his thoughts on a dictating machine. The fruit of his latest considering got here in August 1996, with a fax transmission to the o ce of al-Quds al-Arabi— o r The Arab Jerusalem—an Arabic-language newspaper printed in London. It was a twelve-thousand-word message from the mountain, in bin Laden’s words from “the summit of the Hindu Kush,” one that on the time got little protection in the West. Across the Middle East, where hundreds of thousands of copies had been distributed in cassette kind, it had a major impression.

It will not be solved in these pages, however readers might maybe see its stark outline, its putting anomalies, its alarming possible implications, extra clearly than prior to now. To trace the chapter of supposed accidents we must start with a pivotal improvement that occurred so long as ve years before 9-11. On New Year’s Eve, at another school, Atta and Shehhi skilled on a Boeing 767 simulator. It can be a 767, with Atta at the controls, that eight months later crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. • • • FAR OFF in Afghanistan, seemingly oblivious to what he was asking of the lads he had despatched to America, Osama bin Laden had turn into impatient. In the fall of 2000, when they have been still at ight college, he had pressed KSM to launch the operation.

Trial within the mid-1990s for plotting to bomb New York landmarks, had been supported with GID money. Osama bin Laden himself, who had made his name beneath GID course in the course of the anti-Soviet struggle in Afghanistan, remained a hero for so much of. A number of Saudi o cials, a friendly intelligence service advised the CIA nicely before September 11, used bin Laden’s image because the display screen saver on their o ce computers.

His nephew Bandar had been advised to ship an uncompromising message to President Bush. “I reject this extraordinary, un-American bias whereby the blood of an Israeli youngster is more expensive and holy than the blood of a Palestinian youngster.… A time comes when peoples and nations half.… Starting today, you go your method and we’ll go our means. From now on, we will protect our national pursuits, regardless of the place America’s interests lie within the area.” There was more, rather more, and it rocked the Bush administration. The President responded with a placatory letter that appeared to go far toward the Saudi place of endorsing the creation of a viable Palestinian state. As of September 7, it looked as though the situation had stabilized. Simply put, the spies and the particular brokers are not adequate, evil enough, or gutsy sufficient.… That conclusion relies partly on, dare I say it, common sense, but in addition on years spent masking nationwide security issues.… Such a plot … would require dozens of people to aim such a scheme.

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Most likely, the President rst learned of the crash as the motorcade arrived at Emma E. Booker Elementary. Navy captain Deborah Loewer, director of the White House Situation Room, ran over with the information as, at about the identical moment, chief of sta Andy Card requested Bush to take a call from Condoleezza Rice in Washington. “The rst report I heard,” Bush would recall, “was a lightweight airplane, twin-engine airplane.… And my rst response was, as an old pilot, ‘How may the man have gotten so o course to hit the towers?

There have been no bodies, it appeared, solely shreds of clothing hanging from the timber. For a while, a white cloud of “sparkly, shiny stu like confetti” oated within the sky. Three hundred miles away within the little town of Cranbury, New Jersey, Todd Beamer’s spouse hire anime artist, Lisa, noticed the rst pictures of the crash site on television and knew her husband was lifeless. In Windham, New York, someone informed Jeremy Glick’s spouse, Lyz, that there may be survivors.

There are pointers, although, within the evidence as as to whether any overseas nation-state—other than Afghanistan, where the Taliban played host to bin Laden—had duty at any stage for the 9-11 assaults. Liked an “occasional bottle of Bud.” Jarrah’s course was geared to obtaining a Private Pilot License to y single-engine plane. He already had a handle on the idea, having studied aviation mechanics in Germany, and he made quiet, regular progress. A fellow scholar, Thorsten Bierman, nonetheless, discovered Jarrah self-centered and uncooperative after they ew together. “He wished to do every little thing single-handed.” Atta and Shehhi had left New York and traveled rst to look at a ight faculty in Norman, Oklahoma, at which considered one of bin Laden’s personal pilots had as soon as educated to y.