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Do you have unique, original ideas to help find gifts for a specific occasions? If so, you may wish to submit a article for consideration to GiftWiz. The book is geared more towards B2B writers, but it has such great advice, especially on the mindset you need to succeed, that everyone should check it out. Stephen King is one of the most prolific and successful writers out there. You don’t need to be a fan of his work to know that he consistently churns out compelling books that also seem to make it to both the big and small screens. There’s no doubt that sitting slouched over your coffee table or in bed isn’t quite the best thing to be doing for your posture.

That means if you decide to publish them elsewhere after publishing with us, you would just link back to the original article here on GFM. These terms apply to any and all submissions by you to Gifts for Mystics from this date onward. 50+ Best Gifts for Golfers – With golf being one of the best socially distanced activities out there, more people than ever are picking it up.


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IRTG translates to “I Read The Guidelines.” Miss this step and your email won’t get opened, sorry. Some notebooks keep 1.2 gazillion passwords that will somehow get hacked anyway. Journaling is an excellent way to make sense of overwhelming thoughts — and journals specifically designed with writing prompts can serve the same purpose for authors. This one has 300 prompts that focus more on fostering creativity than specific writing skills. Give them a sneak peek into legendary horror author Stephen King’s writing process in this memoir-lecture hybrid of a story.

We are not allowing any byline, so link up to two properties in the article body. Make your link flow naturally in your words. Insert your links in the middle of the article. Your article body must be at least 1200 words and original. An exemption is DIY, recipes, and wrapping how-to’s where only around 400 words are needed, as long as step-by-step images are added. We may edit your post or bounce it back to you for up to 2 revisions.

It may even have your friend dedicating their next book to you out of gratitude. If your writer friend doesn’t feel good about what they’re writing, you can at least help them feel good about what they’re toting! A cute, compact Fjällräven backpack can easily carry a laptop or a couple of books, and make any downtrodden writer feel reasonably fashionable while sitting in their café of choice. All writers need to take a break from words, words, words every so often, and coloring books are literally designed for this. We’d suggest this Edgar Allan Poe coloring book for classic horror fans, or this Shakespearean coloring book for Bard-lovers.

It has an automatic timer and holes for emergency calls and sending messages. Give your writer a gift card to their favorite local coffee shop and watch their eyes light up with pure joy. Plus, they’re sure to think of you while sipping their next latte and pounding away at the keyboard. LiTEArary Teas offers unique organic teas with clever names based on famous authors, like ShakeSpearmint, Agatha ChrisTEA, and Mark Twainquility. This is a book about life and writing that unexpectedly has become a favorite of many writers.