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You can contribute to Howlround as long as you’re actively involved in theater. Howlround will pay you to write about theater practice and process, equity and inclusivity for underrepresented theater communities and practices, and much more. Atlanta Parent is looking for contributors who want to get paid to write about parenting.


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You can be paid via PayPal or wire transfer. Although Medium is not a developer blog, there are many Medium publications covering technology, programming, and everything related to the IT world. Vultr is a VPS provider similar to DigitalOcean and Linode that offers up to $300 for articles on server administration and applications. Linode is a VPS host that offers up to $300 for technical tutorials relating to Linux. WonderProxy focuses on automated testing and pays up to $500 for technical tutorials in this area.

If you’re confident about your ability to write about topics related to personal finance, you should certainly consider writing for Elite Personal Finance. You will be expected to write articles of 1,800-2,000 words about frontend technologies. Articles will have to contain many code snippets, and when required a CodePen and/or a GitHub repository to your demo application. LogRocket’s blog is a highly respected resource by frontend developers all over the world. Their focus is on releasing technical content aimed at helping frontend developers reach their daily goals and stay up to date on new frontend technologies, frameworks, and libraries. Smashing Magazine is a longstanding publication that publishes all types of articles for app and web developers and designers.

It uniquely ties together session replay and APM in an easy-to-use dashboarding solution that anyone can use, regardless of technical ability. They are looking for anything web development-related and will accept articles related to PHP, Ruby, HTML5, CSS3, document-based database systems, server-side JavaScript and much more. They want writers to pitch an idea first and only write an article after the idea has been approved.

To achieve this goal, they are looking for people with unusual and interesting ideas to write for their blog. They are especially interested in stories based on first-hand experience on topics of interest to women entrepreneurs. They want you to pitch your ideas to them first for approval and expect articles to be at least 2,000 words. They usually respond to pitches within five days if they want you to go ahead and write the post. LogRocket will start collecting sessions immediately, displaying pixel-perfect session replays alongside network and performance data, frontend logs, and user metadata. See what users saw at the exact moment each error occurred so you can quickly troubleshoot issue reports as soon as they come in.

They expect articles to be at least 1,000 words and prefer that you pitch them first. They pay $200 per article for shorter pieces and as much as $500 per article for in-depth case studies and topical primers. Get a free, personalized salary estimate based on today’s job market. LogRocket helps you understand problems affecting your users, so that you can get back to building great software. You decide how much you want to charge, but do not expect more than $300 per article.

If you have strong web development writing skills and would like to earn money by writing articles on the side, you should consider writing for Tuts+ Code. Clubhouse will pay you to write tutorials, how-tos, and thought leadership content targeted at software developers and engineers. If you’re looking for online writing jobs related to real estate, foreclosure, property investment, and house flipping, then it is worth considering writing for BankForeclosuresSales. If you’re looking to get paid to write tutorials about web development, you might want to consider writing for Snel.

The platform supports session replay, alloying developers to see a user’s interactions on an app roughly how they experienced them. Beyond this, LogRocket — true to its name — stores logs of errors at the network and code level to spotlight less obvious technical and user interface bugs in apps. If you’re a frontend developer looking to get paid as much as $350 per article doing part time writing jobs, you should seriously consider writing for LogRocket. DEV is a community of software developers getting together to help one another by sharing helpful content in the form of technical posts, videos and in general helpful discussions. You can publish your content directly once you create a profile or crosspost content from your personal blog if you’ve got one.

Especially if you already have a blog and create stuff for it. I am a software developer who writes Kubernetes tutorials and I have published more than 10 tutorials in various Kubernetes publications such as the Civo blog and Earthly.dev blog this year. If you think you lack those skills, first search the internet “Writing Skills”.