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You may submit a thumbnail image to go with your post. RMLNLU’s Society for Excellence in Arbitration Law invites guest contributions to its blog. Offers for contributions are welcome from academics (including researchers and Ph.D. students), practitioners and students. Manuscripts should contain content that is both original and unpublished. Add or remove a keyword, to refine or broaden your list of ideas. Type in a blog topic that fits your ideal cases or primary practice area.


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The more engaged your site’s visitors and blog readers are, the more that will translate into business. Once you have your list of questions, any of these questions that can be answered in a couple hundred words or less can be added to another blog post. The questions where it could have lengthy answers (beyond the generic and all too common “it depends” response) likely merit their own standalone article. Once accepted and also submitted to us, you have no right to host the short article on any other online platform. You will have readers some of which can be lawyers who are finding your niche useful and effective for them.

Finally, you can always add a generic sidebar call-to-action which displays on all of your blog posts. There are many tools that you can use to do keyword research. One of our main tools for doing keyword research for law firm SEO at ZLM is As you can see from the screenshot above, within 30 seconds I’ve got a list of thousands of keywords related to adoption in New York to prune through. The easier it is for your readers to understand, the more engaged they will be with your blog and law firm website overall.

They now receive far more leads and phone calls as a result . It might sound counterintuitive, but writing fewer blogs of higher quality can make a significant difference. Whenever mentioning important facts or statistics, make sure to link to the primary sources where the law, information or data resides. Occasionally, we create statistically-intensive web content for law firms .

We do not accept images that are hosted on your personal website or company website. Legal Cheek Journal cannot accept articles that have been published, or are due to be published, elsewhere. We also cannot accept old essays/dissertations which are written in a heavily-academic style.

For most, the purpose of writing blogs for your law firm is to generate new business. It’s completely normal to include call-to-actions in your blog posts and articles to get more phone calls and inquiries. Afterall, blogging for lawyers is an effective form of content marketing and the end goal of content marketing is to market your legal services. We have already agreed on guest articles submission with top legal blogs worldwide.