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If you have the abilities, we will present you with chances to assist you to increase traffic to your blog. Whether you like to write about your current favouriteConsole gamesor those that could potentially grow bigger in the future, this platform is the best fit for you. Here, you will get the chance to share your gaming insight with gaming geeks worldwide. You can write for us and get paid for your published articles on various gaming topics.


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MuMu’s website receives over 1,000,000 visitors per month and is steadily growing. Submitting your article to MuMu Player puts it in front of a wider audience and will get a lot of readers and gamers to read and retweet your content. appreciates you expressing an interest in contributing to our platform. So, if you have the skills to create original, high-quality content, you are more than welcome to join us.

The method of submitting your guest post articles by using the email address that we have provided for you is one that is uncomplicatedly simple. If you have already published article elsewhere, there is no point in sending it to us because we examine articles before we publish them. We use Copyscape and Google to examine articles before we publish them. We have provided above the detailed guidelines for the guest posts to be published on our blog. The number of guest posts requests to be posted at our blog is quite huge, but we are quite picky as per selection measures. We don’t allow everyone to publish their guest posts at gaming Write for Us.

It’s a pride moment for us repeatedly once we see the surprise within the eyes of our customers with a sort of complimentary appreciation for our completion of labor in relatively less time. is trying to find enthusiastic writers for the location. If you’re hooked on video games and like to write on them too then writing for ThisGenGaming is the best thanks to showing your passion for video games. We are looking to rent two sets of writers, Voluntary Contributors, and Paid Writers. When you post for us, your content is automatically sent bent our Social Media.

Before you write for us, you must first get answers to the questions. It will help if you remember that we are known as the top-ranked in the specific gaming niche. We have a basic understanding of the reader’s requirements. However, Our user-friendly blogs include additional SEO information. Our blog administrators devote their time to managing various areas of the blog. We will be able to reach a large number of potential consumers all around the world as you create articles for our gaming niche.

Any links to any other websites within the blog post must be relevant and of quality. A huge advantage will be given to writers who can cover unique, data-driven insights about video game marketing. If you are interested in submitting an opportunity for a guest post as soon as possible, you may do so by contacting us at We strongly suggest that you make the most of this opportunity and publish your author profile on our website. If you post guest articles to our website, you will have the chance to network with some of the most well-known bloggers in your specialized field all over the world. This is because our website is read by people around the globe.

Gaming Write for us Guest Post Submission are now Accepted – Are you a passionate gaming blog writer? Are you currently looking for a platform that you can use for posting up your guest posts? Creating a blog and adding some quality content is something that we do care about. If you have the skills then we are going to provide you the opportunities that can help you in driving more traffic towards your blog. Whether a writer wants to gaming write for us, video games write for us, online gaming write for us or submit a guest post on sports, here are some important things to keep in mind. Also, we don’t entertain contributors that submit guest posts on sports that are already published on another website.

Keep in mind, we are not responsible for your affiliate commissions and we don’t guarantee that by publishing content on our site, you’ll make money with your gaming content. This will help 100% up to you and how good your content is. The better it is, the higher it’ll rank, and the more visibility it’ll get. You do not have to be an expert in your field, or a professional developer, or a professional writer to write about game development for my blog. We suggest, to make your articles more engaging, add a high-quality and relevant image after every 100 words. It’s a pretty great feeling to see something you’ve written published on GameSkinny.

If you enjoy video games, write for us to build your site authority. You can become an expert and share useful insights about a particular gaming topic. If your content is really unique and good you can build your site authority. If you’ve struggled to build a following online or to find a platform that meets your needs, then you should write with us. Not a gamer, but love to research topics and enjoy reasoned and rational writing?

By submitting an article to MuMu, you agree to our use of it on MuMu’s website . In addition, you agree that you will not seek payment from MuMu for it now or in the future, nor will you bring an infringement action. Fill out the form above to give our commissioning editors all the information they need on your experience, ability to tackle certain games, and contact details. We will review your articles and post them on our website within 48 hours, after which we will notify you of the update. If you plan to add a link to any commercial organization, please specify what links you are going to add to your post.