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Anne Ortelee, a nationally (NCGR-PAA Level 3, AMAFA, OPA) and internationally licensed astrologer, presents her Cosmic Weekly Weather report. Based on the astrology configurations above our heads, Anne … Anne Ortelee’s July 17, 2022 Weekly Weather Lots of changes within the sky!!! A large shift in vitality as Cancer Water shifts into Leo Fire! Sun, Mercury and Ceres transfer into Leo.

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Pallas Athena traces Venus’ steps and strikes … Anne Ortelee’s June 26, 2022 Weekly Weather We’ve been shifting like a ROCKET!! Watch for the female power to maneuver front and heart.~ only this week the female energies are … Anne Ortelee’s July 3, 2022 Weekly Weather A big shift in energy this week as our private planets transfer from Fire and Air into Earth and Water. Mars shifts from fiery passionate Aries into sluggish, steady, reliable and reliable Taurus.

Anne Ortelee’s July 24, 2022 Weekly Weather Lots of adjustments within the sky!!! A big shift in power as Fire takes over the heavens! Yes that means lots of fires here on earth. A brilliant and glossy new moon takes place on Thursday as Jupiter stations to … Anne Ortelee’s August 7, 2022 Weekly Weather Here comes the Sun! He squares the Nodes and Uranus and opposes Saturn.

Anne Ortelee’s October 30, 2022 Weekly Weather The eclipses are here! A very crazy week forward as eclipse season unfolds. The next 3 weeks feature powerful eclipses on the Nodes of Fate as different planets dance and sing wild songs in the heavens.

Venus will change each two and a half days as the … Anne Ortelee’s September 4, 2022 Weekly Weather A week of shifts and changes! Venus enters Virgo until how do you kill a palm tree September 28. Mars enters his retrograde shadow in Gemini.