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He fell over and cracked his forehead open on the stone. He cracked during questioning and told us where to find the stolen goods. The plan has potential, but unless we proceed carefully, it could fall to pieces. The walls cracked and the roof collapsed in the earthquake. The payments vary depending on the complexity of the job, but you’ll get from $7 to $31 per page for your work.

PTO Today is a magazine for those who lead parent-teacher organizations with a focus on topics such as parental involvement, fundraising, and working with the school staff. Other refinery processes rearrange molecules to add value rather than splitting molecules. The most widely used conversion method is called cracking because it uses heat, pressure, catalysts, and sometimes hydrogen to crack heavy hydrocarbon molecules into lighter ones. A cracking unit consists of one or more tall, thick-walled, rocket-shaped reactors and a network of furnaces, heat exchangers, and other vessels.

But I had never really heard of it or used it before I checked it out for this review… so keep in mind that I was coming at it with a very fresh set of eyes. What do you know about life and culture in the Twin Cities, the North Start state, and the Upper Midwest? If it’s anything close toGarrison Keillor’s Minnesota Bucket List, you’re bound to have some laugh-out-loud stories to write about for Minnesota Monthly. If I was to only choose one site above to start making money with writing, it would beContena. It brings together some of the best opportunities from all over the web and enables you to effectively pitch for jobs with their helpful training academy. They prefer articles to be 700 – 900 words, and they pay up to $75 per article depending on a lot of factors; you might need to reach out to their editor first to discuss payment.


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Dropzone provides factual, quality content in different styles from general articles to reviews and press releases. There are word counts for specific categories and different rates. You will need to contact Dropzone for further details and compensation. The Matador Creator community is a collective of writers, photographers, filmmakers, and editors.

Yes, I’ve had a few articles published, and I have no complaints. If you’re a writer who is funny and has an irreverent way of looking at the world, you may want to try writing for Cracked. One of the largest comedy writing sites on the web, Cracked takes submissions from pretty much anyone. If you’ve got the germ of an idea but are stuck on how to proceed, we’ll help you improve your research skills. If you’re worried that you don’t have any good ideas, we have an entire section dedicated to ideas that have potential but need some help. If you want to write feature articles, you can email your ideas to No previous experience required, but you do have to be good at writing.

Vital Dollar may receive compensation from companies, products, and services covered on our site. The book requires you to write a funny, heartwarming, or exciting story in first-person narrative. You can submit drafts related to gaming, music, sports, television, film, and more. Wha Culture team publishes nearly 700 articles weekly, giving you a high chance of acceptance.