My initial reaction to the so called Super League was shock. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. A closed competition for the richest clubs in the world did not feel like the best way to improve our beautiful game. What hurts me the most is that it felt like another important, strategic decision was made without any kind of involvement of the sport’s most important members, namely the supporters and players.

People in power have a responsibility to look after our game and create a sustainable future for everyone connected to football. Right now we’re seeing these big organisations making decision that puts players and supporters in a very difficult spot without asking us what we think. We’re used as assets and leverage during negotiations between football’s powerhouses.

The lack of transparency and real dialogue is a real problem amongst the rich and powerful in our society. Time and time again people in power fail to bring all parties to the table. If you want to make wise and rational decisions that benefits everyone, not just a few, you need to let everyone have a say in things. You should never be able to make a decision that influences the life of millions of players and supporters without actually listening to them first.

Another thing that really irritates me is the idea of a closed competition. I absolutely hate it. The beauty of football is that everyone has a fighting chance. A smaller club can beat a bigger club. Proper competition is one of football’s fundamental values and that’s why creating a league which is only open for a few, carefully selected clubs goes against everything football stands for. Underdog stories, promotion and relegation, is what makes our sport so exciting.

Football has a very important role to play in our society. It is a powerful unifying social force and can create hope and enjoyment in all corners of the world. Football should be for everyone, not only for a privileged elite. This new European Super League is a danger to what makes our sport so great, so beautiful. It’s up to everyone in football, especially players, coaches, and supporters, to stand up and make our voices heard when our sport faces a potential existential crisis.